Isbilya Nonconformity as a way to excellence.

Nonconformity as a way to excellence.

We don’t want to view the field of agriculture as just a “traditional” sector.
We don’t want to implement the same elaboration processes that most others use.
We don’t want to foster employment only as something seasonal.
We don’t want to omit information from those who trust us.
We don’t want to sell quality unless it is absolute quality.

We want to be honest about what we do, and what we believe in.

We have been in business for 10 years, and since our founding we have never stopped progressing. And we never will.

Isbilya The place where emotions are born<br />

The place where emotions are born

With more than 40 hectares planted in the heart of Aljarafe (Seville), our farm land is an exceptional environment where we grow and cultivate four varieties of olives: Arbequina, Arbosana, Koroneiki and Sikitita.

We put a lot of resources into the care of our olive trees, starting primarily with the preservation of the local fauna and flora

It isn’t magic. It’s science, and a lot of care for what we do.

We are EVOO Ico

Our cultivation system

We integrate knowledge gathered from generations who have worked the field, together with modern technologies.

We are EVOO Ico

Reduced irrigation

Water conservation is one of our main priorities. In order to achieve this aim, we irrigate only as little as is needed on our farms, and in so doing the quality of our olives is improved in the process.

We are EVOO Ico

Continuous hedge layout

Maximum light exposure on all of the leafage provides a greater accumulation of fatty acids and a state of homogenous maturity throughout the tree.

We are EVOO Ico

Quick harvest

Harvesting quickly guarantees an optimal state of the olive fruit by conserving the aroma and taste of our olive varieties.

We are EVOO Ico

Mid-October harvest

Harvesting in mid-October produces an increase of fruity taste.

We are EVOO Ico

Cool harvest

We harvest during the coolest times of the day, which allows us to maintain our olives at a low temperature and obtain a true cold extraction (<27ºC), providing an exceptional olive elixir.

We are EVOO Ico

Over-the-row machine harvesting

We harvest our entire orchard in very few days—producing a maximum homogeneity in our olive oils.

We are EVOO Ico

Olives in flight (in the olive tree)

By positioning the olives in the upper three-quarters of the tree, the olive fruits produce a maximum quality oil.

We are EVOO Ico


Fruit pressing, or milling, is carried out in no more than two hours from time of harvest.

Elaboration process

Isbilya  Smart harvesting:

Smart harvesting:

Maximum uniformity in our olive oils. Carried out in mid-October during the coolest hours of the day, we harvest by way of “over the row” machinery, and only using olives in flight which are obtained by positioning the olives in the upper three-quarters of the tree.

Isbilya Milling of the olive fruit: Optimum state.

Milling of the olive fruit: Optimum state.

Milling is carried out in no more than two hours from time of harvest in order to guarantee the most optimum state of the olives.

Isbilya Cold extraction:  Exponential elixir.

Cold extraction: Exponential elixir.

Keeping the olives at a low temperature allows us to obtain true cold extraction ( <27ºC), thereby yielding an exponential olive elixir.

Isbilya Extraction technology: GEA Westfalia.

Extraction technology: GEA Westfalia.

Through state-of-the-art extraction technology we obtain our olive fruit extract which is subjected to the strictest quality control standards.

Ángel & Teresa Martínez Marini

Ángel & Teresa Martínez Marini Isbilya Founders

On those occasions when our minds drift to thoughts of the time we have spent on our studies (biology and chemistry), during those many sleepless nights when we are dreaming up products that excite others, in our efforts spent revitalizing and modernizing the EVOO sector, during those countless trips we have gone on in an effort to get our brand known… Every time we think about it, we know that it was worth it.

Olive Oils

Isbilya Excellence

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Tasting notes

Monovarietal Sikitita

Colour: Green

Nose: high fruit intensity, with a predominance of green undertones that combine perfectly with leaf and grass notes. A curious composition of aromatic herbs is also present.

Palate: as well as medium intensity bitterness and spiciness, there are also certain nuances that are tasted very persistently and which are reminiscent of almond and, to a certain extent, banana

For more delicate palates looking for more sophisticated flavors, with a touch of spice. Perfect to be used uncooked, both on its own and with a great varirty of foods to improve flavour and texture.

Isbilya Img Sikitita

Physical and Chemical analysis: Sikitita

ACIDITY: 0,11 % Oleic A.
PEROXIDES: 7 meq O2/Kg
K232: Max 2,09
K270: Max 0,11
DELTA-K: Max -0,003

Sensory profile: Sikitita

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Tasting notes

Monovarietal Koroneiki

Colour: Green

Complex oil in the nose with intense green aroma of leaves and freshly cut grass. Bitter and spicy taste, well balanced to the palate, with a distinctive flavour of dried nuts, particularly walnuts, and vegetables , with potent, long lasting finish via the retronasal.

For lovers of powerful spicy food with an intense green flavour in the mouth.
The perfect company for strong dishes such as cured beef, salmorejo, octopus…or simply to enjoy its taste by itself

Isbilya Img Koroneiki

Physical and Chemical analysis: Koroneiki

ACIDITY: 0,13 % Oleic A.
PEROXIDES: 6 meq O2/Kg
K232: Max 2,09
K270: Max 0,11
DELTA-K: Max -0,003

Sensory profile: Koroneiki

Isbilya Grand Coupage

Isbilya logo

Grand CoupageDelicate


Tasting notes

Coupage Arbequina-Arbosana

Colour: Green

Nose: detects tomato, banana and nuts, such as almond.

Palate: the oil presents low intensities of bitterness as well as spiciness. Notes reminiscent of herbs appear. The mouth senses a high level of banana.

Perfect for all uses because its delicate flavor does not interfere with food, Appropiate with fried foods, dressings, marinades and even for baking.

Isbilya Img Delicate

Physical and Chemical analysis: Delicate

ACIDITY: 0,10 % Oleic A.
PEROXIDES: 6,5 meq O2/Kg
K232: Max 2,09
K270: Max 0,11
DELTA-K: Max -0,003

Sensory profile: Delicate

Isbilya logo

Grand CoupageIntense


Tasting notes

Coupage Koroneiki-Arbosana

Colour: Green

 Nose: it has a high intensity of fruitiness, as well as banana and vegetables.

Palate: it presents high intensities of bitterness and spiciness, with notes of green grass.

Perfect for dishes with powerful flavors, as its strong personality enhances the flavors, such as dressings, gazpacho, meat stews or game.

Isbilya Img Intense

Physical and Chemical analysis: Intense

ACIDITY: 0,12 % Oleic A.
PEROXIDES: 7 meq O2/Kg
K232: Max 2,09
K270: Max 0,11
DELTA-K: Max -0,003

Sensory profile: Intense

Club Isbilya

Club Isbilya

We invite you to join the exclusive community of the ISBILYA Club.

For all our clients who want to join our experience, we will have exclusive promotions of our olive oils and variety of vegetables, cheeses, fish and seafood, wines, etc. throughout the year. from renowned producers and processors, We will also announce new launches and provide information, as well as, invitations to events or tastings …

We want you not only to taste our products, but also to enjoy them to create an experience with the five senses.

Just fill out a short form, and you will be part of our community.

Club benefits

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    Returns with free home collection (peninsula)
  • Club ico
    Longer return period, 21 days
  • Club ico
    Full refund is guaranteed in case of incidents with the shipment
  • Club ico
    Discount coupons on specific dates
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    Participation in exclusive raffles: stays in boutique hotels, gastronomic getaways
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    Access to exclusive products only for members


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