YM delicate 3 x 5 liters PET box

93.00 TAX included

Extra virgin olive oil coupage arbosana-arbequina varieties. Early harvest. Bottled in an inert atmosphere to preserve the olive oil in optimum condition.

31 €/PET

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Coupage Arbosana and Arbequina

Tasting notes

Colour: Green

The nose detects tomato, banana and nuts, such as almond.

In the mouth, the oil presents low intensities of bitterness as well as spiciness. Notes reminiscent of herbs appear. The mouth senses a high level of banana.

An intensely fruity oil. Dominance of green grass over green leaf.

Our smooth profile. For more delicate palates seeking more sophisticated flavors with a spicy touch. Perfect with seafood and even pastries such as cheesecake, biscuits or muffins.


Sensory Profile: Arbosana and Arbequina

  • 0
  • 2
  • 4
  • 6
  • 8
» Fruity:
» Almond:
» Banana:
» Aromatic herbs:
» Bitter:
» Spice:
» Green grass:
» Green leaf:

Physical and chemical analysis

» Acidty: Max 0,25 % A.Oleico
» Peroxides: Máx 8 meq O2/Kg
» K232: Max 1,80
» K270: Max 0,18
» Delta-K: Max -0,003

YM is a brand of Aceites Yllanes Marini S.L., and with the participation of Maximiliano Arteaga, renowned expert in the world of olive oil, they are in charge of creating YM olive oil, supervising from the olive grove to the mill to produce this extra virgin olive oil of superior quality.

YM is a great, balanced oil. Like the best oils in the world, it is low in acidity and rich in polyphenols and antioxidants.

In October, after a fast harvest, the olives are sent to the mill in less than two hours. There we carry out a real cold extraction at less than 22ºC, thus obtaining our pure olive juice.


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