Isbilya Koroneiki bottle 500 ml

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Extra virgin olive oil 100% Korononeki variety. Early harvest. Bottled in a premium glass in an inert atmosphere. Includes a case to preserve the olive oil in optimum condition.

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Tasting notes

Colour: Green

Complex oil in the nose with intense green aroma of leaves and freshly cut grass.

Bitter and spicy taste, well balanced to the palate, with a distinctive flavour of dried nuts, particularly walnuts, and vegetables , with potent, long lasting finish via the retronasal.

After a rapid picking of the olives, in few hours and at night, our olives arrived at Maximiliano Arteaga and the team of Framoliva. In this modern and excellent oil mill we perform the cold extraction process. After the pressing and a short beating, We obtain our olive nectar at 22ºC.

Sensory profile: Sikitita

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  • 2
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» Fruity:
» Bitter:
» Green leaf:
» Green grass:
» Spice:
» Walnut:
» Vegetables:

Physical and chemical analysis

» Acidity: Máx 0,11 % Oleic A.
» Peroxides: Máx 10 meq O2/Kg
» K232: Máx 2,09
» K270: Máx 0,11
» Delta-K: Máx -0,003

Our cultivation process has benefited both from the know how of three generations and the modern technologies derived from research and development by well known universities and agricultural research centers.

The trees follow a continuous hedge, to grant maximum sun exposure and maximum light in the foliage, which provides more fat acids and a homogenous ripeness of the olive.

Water and nutrients are carefully controlled to increase the quality of our oil.

We harvest very carefully , to prevent damage to the olives, and in a very short time to prevent deterioration of the fruit – the aroma and taste of the olive is thus preserved.

Koroneiki has its origins in a Greek variety. It produces intense powerful oils, with great personality.

The process of production, from the olives in the olive grove to the obtaining of the oil, involves the following stages:

The fruit is harvested in mid-October, which increases the fruity taste of the oil but reduce the quantity of the oil obtained. Hear in Isbilya, quality and taste are always our primary concern.

Olives are harvested at night to maintain the low temperature of the fruit just before extraction,thus following a true cold extraction process (<71.6F). The result is a pure, concentrated elixir of olives.

Olives are harvested with over-the-row machinery. This allows us to pick all the olives in one day, thus preserving the homogeneous quality of our final product.

We dislodge the fruit from the tree canopy without damaging the fruit, and only in the ¾ higher area of the tree where the best olives are found.

Our olives are pressed in less than 2 hours after picking them.

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