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Tasting notes

Colour: green


Nose: high fruit intensity, with a predominance of green undertones that combine perfectly with leaf and grass notes. A curious composition of aromatic herbs is also present.

Palate: as well as medium intensity bitterness and spiciness, there are also certain nuances that are tasted very persistently and which are reminiscent of almond and, to a certain extent, banana.


After a rapid picking of the olives, in few hours and at night, our olives arrived at Maximiliano Arteaga and the team of Jardín de Almayate. In this modern and excellent oil mill we  perform the cold extraction process . After the pressing and a short beating, we obtain our olive nectar at 22ºC.


Physical-chemical analysis:

 » Acidez: 0.17% A.Oleico

 » Indice de peróxidos: 6.7 meqO2/Kg

 » K-270 0.13 Sin Unidad

 » K-232 1.88 Sin Unidad

 » Delta-k -0.004 Sin Unidad

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